Tasty World UpTown
About Us

     Tasty World Uptown is a bar and music venue that opened up twelve years ago on September 12, 1997. It was opened to create a place for the people of Athens to be able to relax and enjoy themselves at a venue that offers more than just good drinks. Tasty World is the only place in Athens that offers live entertainment every night of the week. Tasty World was named after the magazine Tasty World which was the Flagpole Equivalent in the 90s. From that Murphy Wolford, owner and founder or Tasty World Uptown, decided he wanted to capture the magic and mystique of Athens and the wonderment of downtown. Uptown came from Murphy's idea to bring a sense of class to the place. Instead of going downtown to listen to music he wanted people to say they were going uptown to listen to music. From there we have the name TASTY WORLD UPTOWN!

      Tasty World use to be a two-level venue but we had recent renovations done to more accomadate the music and the people of Athens. With these renovations we now have Magnolias Bar (
magnoliasbar.com) downstairs on the first floor creating a bar that has outdoor seating and guests can walk right in from the street instead of traveling up stairs. Now on the second floor we have the new Tasty World Uptown. The acoustics sound better from up there and allows its guests to look out over athens and enjoy all that it has to offer.

      Since opening in 1997, Tasty World has hosted the finest in local, regional, national, and international Rock, Pop, Country, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Funk, Bluegrass, Punk, Metal, and World Music, with a fair share of singer-songwriters, former child stars, dancing outlaws, and vampire ElvisesIt. Also plays host to salsa nights, fund-raising events, comic book conventions, karaoke, wedding receptions and graduation parties, and it boasts a fantastic view of downtown Athens.

     We have sixteen beers on tap, over thirty bottled beers, a dizzying selection of liquors, and plenty of PBR. There are pool tables, and pinball, Galaga, and Ms. Pac-Man and don't forget we plenty of seating!

We’ve got something for everyone. Stop by and join us.

All images, material, and content provided by Katie Coon.